What really is a portrait photograph

The common definition of a portrait photograph is: an image of a person or a group of people, with the face (or faces), facial features, and expression as the main focus of attention. You can see a big variety of crops and compositions such as head and shoulders, half body length, or full body. But I feel there is so much more. The main point in portrait photography is the attempt to capture the character, personality and unique attributes of the person in focus. The art is in capturing the human soul.

As I specialise in creating modern woman’s portraiture - to me the goal is always about capturing the woman in a way that emphasises on her most beautiful features and makes you feel like you are able to see part of her inner world. Bringing out a person’s character in front of the camera, without them reverting into a "photo face," is essential for a good portrait photograph. Mastering this skill requires patience, practice and lots of energy and charisma.

I should note that I don't see portrait photograph as a candid shot (caught by accident).in reality its a moment carefully planned and rehearsed. The outfit, the props, the location, the angle of the shot and the pose are all well thought through before the shot.

I see the modern portraiture I create as a creative mix of a classic portrait with the freedom of fashion photography and the beautiful artistic touch of fine art.

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