What’s The Difference Between a Corporate Headshot and Personal Branding Portrait?

A corporate headshot is usually a photo of your face that doesn’t show or reveal anything very specific about you rather than what your face looks like. Being a close up image of your face it is suitable to be used in profile pictures for social media and any other place where the image would appear in a very small size. In this case the headshot usually serves as a reference between your name and your face, so people would recognise you and know who they should expect to meet and work with.

The fact that your headshot photograph might be the first image of yourself people see on your social media and correspondence (think profile photo) makes it very important. In this case the quality of your headshot creates the very first impression of the level of your business. So if you want to give the impression of a successful professional – investing in great quality headshots is one of the first steps to make.

Personal branding portrait is one (or more likely several) photographs that are not limited to your face and will give much better impression of who you are, your attitude, personality, style and what you actually do.

With this photographs the feeling of your personal brand (and what it stands for) is being translated to your audience into something visual. This easily brings an atmosphere of trust connection.

The personal branding portraits can be done at your place of business or any place that reflects your brand. Minimalist style photographs of you and your team are very popular now and can also be a great option (addition) to your marketing.

It often happens that you might have no idea how you want to look or how you want your brand to look. This is not a problem at all. I can help you figure it out. I believe everyone knows how they want to look like, they just have trouble describing or visualising it. We’ll go through a series of easy questions to clarify and streamline your personal branding look, style and visual message for your photo shoot. Whatever your portrait struggle is - I am here to help. Always feel free to email me your questions and wonderings about your portrait and photo presentation. :)

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