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Hey girl, 

I am inviting you to be a part of my new photo project “Beautiful as I am“ dedicated to celebrate you just as you are today.

I want to create images that free and empower you, reminding you that you are beautiful and good enough Just as you are. Through powerful beauty and boudoir photography you will be able to see yourself in a 
different and very artistic perspective which may pave the path to a new perception of your body and bring more acceptance, self-love and 
confidence in your life.

At your photo session, it’s going to be just you and me, in my private studio. I will do your hair and make-up, as I do for all my clients, including all the women you see in the gallery on my website. I am usually using make up very sparingly unless otherwise required. I want to emphasise on your 
personality, to capture your authenticity and emotion and grow your self-acceptance by showing you how amazing you already are.

For the entire time, you will be in my care, so this time YOU can relax. 
You don’t need to know anything about being in front of a camera, as I will guide you through every step, every pose. We will drink coffee (or tea), listen to music and laugh a lot.

You will spend about 3 hours with me. Hair and makeup, coffee chat and photo session included :). You will have time for 2-3 outfit changes.

The sessions start at 10.30 in the morning and will be held in my studio in Over. 

I offer you this refreshing morning photo session with me free of charge and you also get to choose and have one of your favourite photographs for free!

Due to high demand and limited time - there is £20 refundable deposit to book the date of your session. (the deposit will be refunded at your viewing appointment)

You’ll have to sign a “Model Release” which enables me to use some or all you your photographs in my galleries and marketing.

About 2 weeks after your session we will meet again for your viewing appointment. You will get to see my full selection of your best photographs artistically retouched.
At this point you can feel free to fall in love with your images and choose your favourite one to take home. If you want more you can have them at £ 50 /each or £ 299 for a collection of 12. All of the photographs you decide to have will be delivered to you as printable high resolution files via e-mail.

Are you ready to do something new

to empower yourself?


Email me to book your session